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Watch: Lady Gaga and Beyonce 'Telephone' Music Video

By Erica Bowen on March 12, 2010

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The wait is finally over for fans of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé who have been eagerly awaiting their "Telephone" music video collaboration.

The video, which premiered Thursday on E! News, opens with Lady Gaga being escorted into a women's prison. What follows in the next nine-plus minutes is the pop diva at her finest, including countless over-the-top (or barely there) costumes.

The opening prison scene mocks the hermaphrodite rumors that have followed Gaga. After she is stripped of her clothes, a guard quips: "I told you she didn't have a d---."

"There's certainly always a hidden message in my music videos," Lady Gaga explained to E! News. "But I would say most predominately, I'm always trying to convolute everyone's idea of what a pop music video should be."

The "Telephone" video was shot in California in February. It was directed by "Paparazzi" director Jonas Aklerlund.

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Watch Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video featuring Beyoncé below: