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WATCH: Confused 5-Year-Old Wants to Know Where Barack Obama Went

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

A five-year-old girl had some serious questions for her mother.

In an adorable series of Instagram videos that her mother posted online, Taylor peppered her mom with questions about politics, beginning with, “Where did Barack Obama go?”

Her mother wrote in the caption, “This all started because she wanted to know, Where did Barack Obama go? And where is the president’s house. She is still mad.”

Carrie Underwood Reflects on Her American Idol Win 12 Years Later: ‘Life Has Been a Dream Ever Since’

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

Carrie Underwood still looks at her American Idol win as a “pinch me” moment.

The Grammy Award-winning singer took to Instagram Thursday to share a major #tbt moment that occurred 12 years ago.

“12 years later and I’m still not sure how it all happened to me!” she wrote. “12 years ago today, my dreams came true and life has been a dream ever since! I am beyond blessed and so thankful! #AmericanIdol #TBT.”

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly Promises ‘Sharp, Strong Journalism’ in First Preview

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

NBC is promising “sharp, strong journalism” when Megyn Kelly returns with her new series next Sunday evening.

During Thursday’s episode of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, the network released its first promo for Kelly’s upcoming Sunday night news program: Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.

“Coming June 4, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. Sharp, strong journalism and the power of NBC News,” the promo states.

Muslim Writer Schools Troll Who Told Him To Take Off His 'Stupid Hijab'

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

Author and lawyer Qasim Rashid frequently finds himself playing the part of teacher for Islamophobes on Twitter. Backed by more than 70,000 followers, he tries to demystify common misconceptions about Islam.

This week, Rashid joined a vocal chorus of Muslim influencers expressing their horror over Monday’s terrorist attack in Manchester, England, and explaining once again that such incidents are not representative of their faith.

First Gentleman of Luxembourg, Who’s Married to World’s Only Openly Gay Prime Minister, Poses With Spouses of World Leaders

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

While President Donald Trump has met with many male heads of government, First Lady Melania Trump has often mingled with their wives. But on Thursday, Mrs. Trump was introduced to the First Gentleman of Luxembourg.

Mandy Moore Spills Burning This Is Us Questions (She’s as Curious About Miguel as Everyone Else!)

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

Like the majority of This Is Us‘ dedicated fan base, Mandy Moore has some burning questions about the upcoming season 2 that have yet to be answered.

Speaking with PEOPLE at the 38th College Television Awards at the Wolf Theater in North Hollywood on Wednesday, Moore revealed that she’s intrigued by the evolution of Rebecca (Moore) and Miguel’s (Jon Huertas) relationship and is looking forward to unraveling their story.

JFK’s Grandchildren Reflect on His Legacy Ahead of What Would Have Been His 100th Birthday

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

If he was still alive, John F. Kennedy would turn 100 years old on May 29 — and although his grandchildren never met the former president, who was assassinated in 1963 at age 46, his ideals continue to impact the nation and their own lives.

In a video made in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Library in honor of the centennial, the president’s daughter Caroline Kennedy and her three children — Rose, 28, Tatiana, 27, and Jack, 24 —remember President Kennedy’s legacy.

S.C. Mom Wants to Take Back Her Guilty Plea After Admitting She Drowned Her Infant Daughter

By Celebrity News Wire on May 25, 2017

A South Carolina mother who wept as she pleaded guilty to drowning her 5-month-old daughter, Grace Carlson Santa Cruz, in 2015 has requested to take back her plea, PEOPLE confirms.

Sarah Toney, who was sentenced to 27 years in prison in January, filed an application for post-conviction release on May 18, arguing that she “involuntarily” pleaded guilty.