Racy Demi Lovato Pics Leaked Online ‎

By Matt Murai on December 17, 2010

Demi Lovato, racy, nude, naked, topless, bra, breasts, boobs, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, latest, new, 2010HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Demi Lovato is facing another crisis after someone apparently leaked racy pics of her online.

In the photos, the 18-year-old Disney star is seen showing off her cleavage to a group of female dancers. There are also shots of her posing in just a black bra.

Lovato left her joint tour with the Jonas Brothers last month to enter rehab for "emotional and physical issues" after she got into a fight with dancer Alex Welch. Welch has claimed Lovato walked up and punched her while they were flying on a private jet. She said Lovato was upset because she had gotten in trouble for her behavior the night before.

"I felt, honestly, I didn't say anything and didn't think twice about it," Welch said in a recent interview with People magazine. "We were on the plane with the Jonases having this awesome time, and I didn't get a call or text from Demi or a 'Hey, you got a problem with me,' nothing. And she walks up and punches me and, literally, walked away and got in her seat. No one should walk up and do that and brush it over, it's not right."

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