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By Jessamyn Cuneo on April 30, 2006

Eddie Ifft, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, stand-up, comedian, comedy, jokes, Comedy CentralIfft did so well in Europe, that he looks back on that period of time as the most satisfying period of his life yet.

"I was happiest when I was traveling around Europe, performing every night," Ifft says. "I didn't have to do any business. I just got to perform. In America, you've got to hustle so much. You've got to work so hard to make money that you almost forget about your art. In England, it was, just worry about the jokes. Worry about the performance. I liked that better."

Traveling continues to be something Ifft's passionate about. He's very enthusiastic about his latest finished project. America the Punch Line is a documentary in which he got to travel the world by following international comedians from places like England, Ireland, Australia, Holland, Israel and South Africa. The film captures these comedian's jokes about America, as well as includes interviews with people of all nationalities and professions from around the globe.

"It's a movie about how the world sees America, seen through the international comedy [scene]," Ifft explains. "Why do these jokes [about America] exist? You're not going to hear an American comedian do a joke about South Africa; rarely you'll hear them do one about the Dutch. But, you're going to hear the Dutch talking about America, the South Africans talking about America."

"So, why is everybody talking about America?" Ifft asks in the movie. "Why is America a joke? Or is it?"

Guess you'll just have to watch the film to come to your own conclusion. Be ready for some eye-opening material as well as raw comedy. The crew is aiming for the documentary to be out by the fall 2006 festivals.

Currently, Ifft resides in Venice Beach, CA. He's traveling and doing up to ten shows a week and he also has a new CD coming out over the summer, entitled Jokes That Make My Friends Laugh. Ifft has also joined the legions of fanatics on the popular social-networking Web site MySpace.

"Tom could be President," Ifft jokes. "He has more friends than the amount of people who voted for Bush!!"

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