ASM Interview: DJ Hatiras, Blow Media - page 5

By Jeff Ferrantino on May 31, 2007

DJ Hatiras, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, music, albums, remixes, interviewsASM: You've been in the business for many years now. How much more challenging is the travel as you grow older?

Hatiras: It's probably a little more challenging now, because I have so many things to do, and so little time. I've found that using my laptop on flights has been a real help. The thing about touring is that it gets really hard on the body, due to a messed up sleep schedule, inconsistent eating, stress, etc. But it's all worth it in the end.

ASM: In the midst of your already hectic life, I see that you still managed to add a weekly radio show to your schedule.

Hatiras: I produce and host a weekly radio show called Blow Media radio. It airs on Energy 105.1 FM in Toronto and on a variety of online stations around the world. I feature a different guest mix every week (as well as my own mixes of course). It's basically a show that aims to spread the vibe on house/electro, etc. and educate people on the artists that actually contribute to the scene.

ASM: Dare I there anything else that you'd like to do in the future?

Hatiras: Tons. Make more music, try producing different styles, one day having a family and kids, scoring music for films, getting into the movie industry on some Indie capacity, sleeping more!

ASM: What sort of changes can you foresee for electronic music in the future? Do you think producers will draw from any particular genres?

Hatiras: I think that with increasingly better home studio technology, more and more bedroom producers will become successful. Electronic music will also draw from more styles of music, and will get more musically grounded and song-based. I'm also predicting a trend starting soon where influences are drawn from early '90s hardcore, early drum and bass, early Prodigy/Acen sounds, and more MC-style vocals.

ASM: You obviously have tons of experience to draw from. Is there any advice that you would lend to aspiring DJs and producers hoping to walk in your shoes some day?

Hatiras: Try not to get overwhelmed and keep learning. Never get arrogant over any successes, instead, keep looking forward. Also, there should be a lesson from every production and experience you go through.

ASM: With all the places that you've traveled, not to mention working the rave scene for many years, I'm sure you must have quite a few wild stories in your back pocket.

Hatiras: I don't know where to begin! I've seen a lot. One of the memories that comes to mind was a party I threw in Toronto back in 1996. It was called 'Time Warp.' We rented a Karaoke hall above a grocer in China Town and rammed 1,200 people into the place. The crowd was going off so hard that the floor was doing the wave. By 1 am, the cops came in and shut us down for exceeding capacity. After dealing with that headache, I quickly bolted down to another club called Oz, paid the owner a mad amount of cash, and directed over a thousand crazy ravers on a chanting march down the streets of Toronto to the new venue. It was an extremely stressful and exciting experience. At the end of the day, the party was a success and everybody was happy, but I'm pretty sure that it gave me my first gray hair!

ASM: How have you changed over the years? Is it safe to say that you're older and wiser now?

Hatiras: Absolutely. I have a much clearer understanding of the music business (and life) now that I've been through some ups and downs.

ASM: How do you react when people refer to you as one of the most influential contributors to electronic music over the years?

Hatiras: That's a flattering statement. Don't make me blush.

ASM: So when you look back now with all of those years of wisdom, is there anything that you would do differently if given the chance?

Hatiras: Not necessarily. There's a reason for the negative experiences in my life that have also led me to where I am now. I'd rather look to what I can do in the future, instead of lamenting on the past.

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