ASM Interview: DJ Hatiras, Blow Media - page 4

By Jeff Ferrantino on May 31, 2007

DJ Hatiras, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, music, albums, remixes, interviewsASM: Along with Peter, you launched Blow Media in 2003. What led to your decision to start your own label?

Hatiras: By 2002, illegal music downloading was rampant in the industry. That caused a lot of labels to suffer and shut down. I could have quit the industry at that time, but instead found an opportunity to build a label that would be ready for the shift from hard product to digital music. I also wanted to build an outlet to release my own music and to nurture other new artists as well.

ASM: What were some of the goals that you had in mind for the label?

Hatiras: So far a lot of my goals have been met. We have worldwide distribution, which means that Blow Media music is instantly available on over 200+ download shops around the world. We've also got a lot of solid artists producing material. From here, I'd like to get some more artists on board, and hopefully get some massive hits under our belt. Then we can expand into a greater radio and TV presence and start organizing events and more worldwide tours. I'd love to see the label become a household name for music lovers. With that said, I plan to keep the punk mentality that the label is based on — if people don't like the music they can blow me — I'm not doing this to follow, but to innovate, open minds and open doors.

ASM: Is there a particular type of artist that you look for?

Hatiras: I'm looking for complete producers — artists who can make music from start to finish and provide a professional sound with an inspired, creative idea. I'm always looking for vocalists and musicians as well. Basically, people that have a vision for quality and perseverance, and a sound and image that vibes with Blow Media.

ASM: You have a ton of great artists with Blow Media already. Who should people be looking out for?

Hatiras: There's so many... Of course, keep an eye out for my new material and music from Da Skunk, Hirshee, Ortzy, Chris Kaeser, Jeff Daniels, Mario Ochoa, Kid Massive, Messinian, Flipside and more. We get tons of demos from newcomers every day. Hopefully some of these new guys can break through as well. Also, keep an eye out for some of big names to be featured as remixers on some of the classic Blow Media tunes.

ASM: How do you differentiate the music on Blow Media from the rest of the pack?

Hatiras: The music on Blow Media is pretty diverse, but a lot of it is funky, peak hour, fun, electro-house madness. It also has a distinct feeling of tension, danceability and pumpiness.

ASM: Besides the artists with Blow Media, who are some others in the electronic industry today that you admire?

Hatiras: I don't know where to start... I probably admire Daft Punk the most for the way they created a new sound and spread it around the world. Their musicality, production, marketing and quality is still on top. Bob Sinclar is also doing a great job. Dirty South is producing fantastic music. Axwell is consistently great. There are so many guys doing good things now.

ASM: I understand that you are working on a new album. When will it be out and what can we expect?

Hatiras: I'm working on material for my next album right now. I'm thinking maybe the fall... It should be pretty bumpin' and diverse with influences from electro, techno, Latin, drum and bass, disco, etc. It'll definitely be fun and up-tempo with a few twists. I'm also looking to feature some vocalists that I've worked with in the past, as well as some new ones.

ASM: I know that you're been touring like crazy. What do you have planned for the future?

Hatiras: I just got back from a mad amount of touring with shows in Germany, Czech Republic, Colombia, U.S., Canada, etc. I'm slowing it down a bit through June to work on new music, but will still be performing in cities closer to home such as Syracuse, Hamilton, Toronto, and some stops in both Canada's east coast (New Brunswick) and west coast (Vancouver, Victoria, etc.).