American Idol: The Best Group Performances from the Girls

By Celebrity News Wire on February 14, 2013

 Michael Becker/Fox

American Idol highlighted the first Hollywood Week performances from the girls on Wednesday night, when several contestants were eliminated following solo and group competition.

As it did with the guys last week, the show breezed through the first solo and group rounds in its two-hour broadcast, focusing on the highs and lows. Predictably, once the groups were formed, tensions ran high. There were tears and vomiting, and lots of contestants left the judges thoroughly unimpressed by actually writing lyrics on their hands and arms to remember them (it didn't work most of the time). And of course, there were catfights. But, amid the chaos, there were actually a few good group auditions. In each of our favorite groups, all four team members advanced to the next round of solo competition.

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