Transformation Interiors is a Sister Act in Art - page 2

By Mia Taylor on April 30, 2006

Transformation InteriorsWhen business became more than she could handle, Nicole enlisted 30-year-old sister Courtney for assistance. As the growth continued, Courtney, a single mother of two, was able to quit her job at a veterinarian's office and become a full-time member of the team.

Listening to them talk about work over lunch, it became difficult not to conjure up images of redecorating shows like Trading Spaces, Shabby Chic and While You Were Out.

In addition to painting walls, Nicole and Courtney also build and paint custom furniture for clients, as well as select curtains or other accessories when creating theme rooms and children's rooms.

Some clients give the Fischers their house keys and jet off on vacation while the work is being done. In fact, that's how one young San Diego girl came home to discover her room had been transformed into a princess's room as a birthday present from her parents. If you're thinking pink and glittery - you're on the right track.

For that project, the Fischers made and painted a custom headboard. When painting the walls pink, they affixed tiny yellow diamonds and gemstones as accents. On each side of the headboard they created shelves - for storage of every princesses' essentials - a crown and glass slippers of course.

Other recent room transformations have included a Hawaiian island theme for another young girl and a skateboarding theme for a young boy. They've also recently branched out into painting murals in wine cellars.

And while much of their job is similar to the fun-filled redecorating shows, there have been a few mishaps worthy of the best bloopers show.

"I'm always getting us in trouble," Courtney says, with no sign of embarrassment. "I'm just clumsy!" Transformation Interiors

"Two years ago, we were painting inside a home with 15-foot walls. It was our first experience painting high walls. We had thought about bringing scaffolding, but decided to just use ladders. When I leaned one of the ladders against the wall, it slipped, went through a window, broke it and also spilled paint everywhere.

"By the time we finished that job, we just broke even (financially)."

Okay, so there are some hazards even in this line of work.

What is most amazing, however, about the success of Transformations Interiors is that other than that flier distribution years ago, the Fischers have never advertised their business. They're not listed in the phone book and other than a website, they don't do much in the way of promotion.

But then, they do not aspire to become the next Martha Stewart or any of the other home decorating gurus who have gone on to become household names. That sort of success would take them away from what they like most about their work - the personalized service they provide clients and the hands-on creativity.

Still, the two young women find themselves feeling a mixture of shock, luck and pure delight when contemplating their growing, steady business and good fortune.

"We never really thought we'd do this for a living. Being an artist is not a career," says Courtney. "Unless you're really lucky….like a rock star. I'm really proud that we've come this far."

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