Sports Journalist Jaymee Sire a Fan Favorite - page 2

By Jeff Ferrantino on January 31, 2006

Jaymee Sire, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexyGrowing up a sports fan herself, Sire felt like she could advance her career at a much faster rate by shifting away from news reporting, so she became KRTV's weekend sports anchor.

The move was one for the best says Sire, who is a fan of snow skiing, water skiing, golf and most recently — kickball!

"[Sports] came a lot more natural for me," she explains. "When I was doing news, I always liked doing the human-interest and feature stories the most, and you really have a lot of those opportunities in sports."

A year after joining KRTV, Sire was hired away by KFMB in San Diego, a move that took her from the 189th market to the 26th largest television market in the country. It's a position that she was really hesitant to apply for, simply because she didn't feel like she was qualified for such a big jump.

"I thought they would never even look at my tape," she recalls of her concerns at the time. "But then I told myself that you never know until you try. As Wayne Gretzky once said, 'You'll always miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.' I was so surprised when they called."

Once she interviewed, however, Sire knew that she wanted the position. However, she refused to get her hopes up for fear of being disappointed.

"I talked myself into thinking that I wasn't going to get it," she remembers.

Sire laughs about that period of her life now, particularly when she thinks back to her first work at KFMB.

"I was definitely a bit overwhelmed at first," she admits. "When I look back at the stuff that I did when I first got here, I'm amazed that they didn't fire me within the first few months."

In her current role, Sire is responsible for finding interesting sports features for the nightly broadcast. She says that she enjoys her daily work, even though it can be difficult at times such as now, when the San Diego sports season is at a crawl. With the Chargers season complete, no NBA or NHL team to think of, and Padres baseball still a short time away, finding good features can be quite the challenge.

"It's hard because we're digging for stories this time of year," she says. "I try to come up with creative ideas and contact high school coaches to see if there are any interesting stories out there. I also get a lot of story ideas from people through email."