WATCH: Hello, Kitty! Man's Very Polite Cat Greets Him by Saying 'Hello'

By Celebrity News Wire on November 14, 2017

A few months ago, we reported on a study that found talking to our pets is a sign of human intelligence. Well, as it turns out, talking to our pets may also be making them smarter, too.

Take this video by Jason Ybarbo posted to YouTube on Nov. 12, for instance. Ybarbo claims that when he returns home from work every day, his cat greets him — with spoken words! — as he walks inside his home.

Go ahead, have a listen. Maybe play it two or three times, just to be sure. Clear as day, the man’s cat is meowing a very human-like “hello.”

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Even if this chatty kitty is merely mimicking its owner, we’re fully impressed. Can your cat do that? Somebody get this pair a podcast STAT.

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