16 Ways to Wear Denim, According to Selena Gomez

By Celebrity News Wire on September 13, 2017

Long ago, we established that Selena Gomez has some of the best style in Hollywood, but if you think that's limited to her red carpet choices, you're very wrong. The "Fetish" singer can wear a princessy gown without a problem, but it is what she picks on her days off (or even as her second wardrobe change of the night at award shows) that we've been keeping a close eye on - and that is lots and lots of denim.

Selena is an equal-opportunity jeans lover. She wears them frayed and high-waisted, skinny and tight, cropped to show off her shoes, blue or black, and even distressed. We've learned more than a few things from observing her denim choices, like how to rock our favorite ankle boots with jeans and the power of a perfectly placed rip, and we think you could pick up a trick or two as well.

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