16 Linen Tops That Will Make Your Summer Wardrobe Feel So Much Cooler

By Celebrity News Wire on June 12, 2019

Summer clothes should be breathable, lightweight, and so adorable, and that all basically describes a linen top. We believe wholeheartedly that every closet should be filled with tops, because they're such essential layering pieces. Whether you like jeans, shorts, or skirts, they all need to be paired with a top. You can wear them to work, out at night, or just hanging out on weekends. Linen is also one of our favorite fabrics because it's super breathable and can be easily dressed up or down. In other words, it's always a winner.

These 16 picks will be on permanent rotation all Summer 2019. From classic t-shirts to flirty smocked tops and long-sleeved button-downs, there's a linen top to suit everyone's style. If you need a new top this season, make it linen. We know we will.

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