Fivel Stewart and BooBoo Stewart Pictures: Beneath the Darkness Movie Premiere Photos, Pics

Fivel Stewart and BooBoo Stewart Pictures: Fivel Stewart and BooBoo Stewart arrive on the red carpet at the "Beneath the Darkness" world movie premiere at American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre on January 4, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

Ely Vaughn is a pillar of the community in tiny Smithville, Texas. The town's mortician, Ely has been revered since his days as the high school's star quarterback. But since the tragic death of his wife two years earlier, Ely has withdrawn from his neighbors, while local teens spread stories of supernatural goings on at Ely's mansion-which is also the funeral home. When high school friends Travis, Abby, Brian and Danny decide to check out the rumors, they are shocked to see the supposedly grieving widower dancing with a mysterious woman behind the curtains of his bedroom window. Their curiosity aroused, the four teens wait for Ely to leave the house before breaking in to investigate. But instead of finding clues to the woman's identity, they stumble on a grotesque, long-hidden secret. The sadistic mortician next door will now stop at nothing to literally bury his past.

"Beneath the Darkness" opens in theaters on January 6.

Photo credit: David Gabber / PR Photos