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Shia LaBeouf Slams Khloe Kardashian, Gushes Over Girlfriend Carey Mulligan

By Amber Sterling on March 16, 2010

Shia LaBeouf, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, latest, new, 2010HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Shia LaBeouf says he was rather annoyed when Khloe Kardashian weighed in on his widely-publicized car accident in 2008 that severely damaged his hand.

"I'd be watching the news, and they'd play my car crash, and every once in a while Kim Kardashian's sister would jump on TV and preach to me from the red carpet about how to live my f---ing life," the 23-year-old actor reveals in the April issue of GQ magazine. "And I'm so upset, man. I'm so angry. Because this accident was not caused by me. I got hit. I had a green. This f---er ran a red light. And he flipped my truck, and he shoveled it on my hand. And my fingers are in the street... they're off, they're under the truck door, man."

"This is fake, dude," adds LaBeouf, lifting his newly reconstructed hand. "This is hip bone and the skin that was left over."

While LaBeouf can do without at least one Kardashian, his mood changed when the topic turned to his girlfriend and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps co-star, Carey Mulligan.

"I never really had anything in my life that was off-limits," he tells the mag. "But with this, just out of respect, I just don't want to f--- around."

"She's an unbelievably thought-provoking actress, the most talented actress I've ever met in my life, by leaps and bounds," he adds. "Neither one of us are fame whores. It works out. It's not like we're the premiere couple; we're not the red-carpet king and queen."