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Video: Taylor Lautner Flaunts His New Body in 'New Moon' Preview

By Chloe Bunker on August 11, 2009

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Taylor Lautner's new body has his female base screaming again with the release of another "New Moon" clip.

The steamy new clip highlights how Lautner's character, Jacob, is transforming into becoming Bella's (Kristen Stewart) best friend and the increasing amount of sexual tension between the two.

"Bella, I won't ever hurt you, I promise," Jacob says, to which she replies: You're sort of beautiful."

Lautner first discussed the scene and his new ripped body two weeks ago at Comic-Con in San Diego.

"I worked really hard to transform Jacob's body so I could portray him correctly for all you guys. And I hope you guys are pleased when you see the results," said Lautner, whose female fans responded by roaring in approval.

The "Twilight" sequel arrive in theaters on Nov. 20.

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