Video: Stephon Marbury's Web Show Hard to Swallow

By Matt Murai on July 29, 2009

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Stephon Marbury's recent Web show is living proof that perhaps the NBA free agent has too much time on his hands.

On Friday, Marbury hosted a 24-hour live video chat on from his Los Angeles home, offering viewers a glimpse into the two-time NBA All-Star's life off the court.

Among the highlights on the webcast were Marbury dipping his finger into a jar of Vaseline, which he swallowed to soothe his sore throat. He also broke down during a nearly six-minute long crying session as he listened to Kirk Franklin's "Lean on Me."

Whether Marbury ever finds a new home in the NBA remains to be seen, but according to him he isn't sweating a comeback.

"I don't care about the NBA," he says. "Those days are over with."

Check out a few of the highlights from the Stephon Marbury Web show.