Stephanie Birkitt's Letters to David Letterman Exposed Sexual Relationship

By Erica Bowen on October 7, 2009

David Letterman, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, latest, newHOLLYWOOD, Calif. — New details are emerging about the letters at the center of David Letterman's extortion scandal.

According to New York's Daily News, the diary kept by Stephanie Birkitt had juicy enough details to convince Robert "Joe" Halderman that Letterman was having an affair with his then girlfriend.

"It's clear she's having a sexual relationship with Letterman," a source tells the paper of the journal kept by Birkitt, a former "Late Show" intern.

Letterman and Birkitt had long maintained a close friendship. In fact, at least once a week Letterman would give Birkitt a ride to the Norwalk, Conn. home she shared with the "48 Hours" producer, who divorced his wife in 2004.

While Halderman long wondered about the extent of the former co-workers relationship, it wasn't until he came across Birkitt's diary last December that his suspicions were confirmed.

"It's her musings about them," a source told the Daily News of the findings. "It's trash."

However, while steamy enough to confirm Halderman's worse fears, the paper trail was far from X-rated.

"We're not talking crazy sexual escapades," the source said.

Prosecutors claim Halderman demanded $2 million from the married Letterman in exchange for keeping quiet about his sexual relationships with members of his staff. The TV host admitted to sleeping with co-workers when he blew the lid on the scheme on last Thursday's "Late Show."

Halderman, who pleaded not guilty Friday to a felony charge of attempted grand larceny, is currently free on bail. He has yet to comment on the allegations.

"It's a beautiful day ... I have some errands to run," he told reporters outside his home Tuesday.