Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Planning Babies, But No Fertility Clinic Stops Yet

By Chloe Bunker on March 27, 2009

LOS ANGELES — Nick Cannon says children are definitely in the future, but right now he and his wife Mariah Carey are just riding out the bliss after tying the knot last May.

"The public really wants us to have kids," Cannon tells Extra. "We're going to do it and when we do it we're going to let you all know. But right now, we're trying to enjoy the newlywed aspect."

The singer spoke to Extra about the baby rumors that broke out after the couple was photographed allegedly leaving a fertility clinic last month in Beverly Hills, a report that Cannon chuckled at.

"We were walking out of the office where Will Smith's office is," he explains, then joking, "unless Will Smith is delivering babies on the low…"

As for all those naysayers who said the couple's marriage wouldn't last after a brief courtship, Cannon said he's enjoying every bit of the sweet revenge.

"First year of marriage was amazing. I'm looking forward to the second year," he says. "It's one of those things, it went by so fast... We're proving people wrong! They said we wouldn't make it. We're making it!"

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