Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves Holding Off on Marriage

By Chloe Bunker on April 21, 2009

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — For all intents and purposes, Matthew McConaughey is living the married life.

The 39-year-old actor and his longtime girlfriend, model Camila Alves, live together with their 8-month-old son, Levi. It's a harmony that McConaughey doesn't want to interrupt as he contemplates making their relationship official one day.

"I've got nothing against marriage. Um, I'm just not getting married right now," McConaughey told Access Hollywood at a press junket for his upcoming movie, "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past."

The Texas-born star says he has witnessed first-hand the benefits of being married, particulary watching how his own parents interacted.

"I've got a good view on marriage. I mean, I believe in marriage," he said. "I've seen it keep couples together that should've been together too. I come from a family that tested out marriage real well."

One person fully in his corner is Alves, who previously told the online community BabyCenter that McConaughey is the perfect father.

"He's a man – he's my man – and we're a family," said the Brazilian beauty. "He's the best dad he can be, 100-percent hands-on."