50 Cent Denies Booting Paris Hilton Off Stage

By Chloe Bunker on February 4, 2008

50 Cent, pics, pictures, photos, images, hot, sexy, celebrity, celeb, news, juicy, gossip, rumorsHOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Rapper 50 Cent is shooting down rumors that he dissed Paris Hilton at her own birthday celebration.

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that during one of 50 Cent's Super Bowl weekend performances, he shouted out to Paris and then promptly told her to "get the f--- off the stage" when she jumped into the spotlight with the Unit.

As the story goes, the incident caused the 26-year-old Hilton to burst into tears, and a photo of her crying at a 50 Cent show on the New York Post's Page Six seemed to support the claim. However, 50 and Whoo Kid say it's complete nonsense, and that the only part of the story that is true is they did gave the socialite, who turns 27 on Feb. 17, a birthday shout-out onstage.

"It's no way we would kick Paris Hilton off the stage on her birthday," Whoo Kid tells MTV. "We ain't that heartless. I know 50 hates Ja Rule and Fat Joe, but he ain't that heartless to throw Paris Hilton ... off the stage. ... Somebody called me and asked me if Paris got kicked off. I was like, 'Huh?' She was dancing the whole time. She was having a good time. We hung with her afterwards. ... We kick her off her own stage and she's hanging with us? I guess people wanna hear, '50 threw Paris Hilton off the stage.' "

Yesterday, footage of 50 Cent kicking someone off the stage did surface, although it is unclear who that person is. In the video, a woman who appears to be Hilton is seen in the front row partying at the time somebody was supposedly rudely dismissed from the show.

Whoo Kid says that the footage was actually taken during the Sundance Film Festival, and not over Super Bowl weekend. He also says that 50 Cent did indeed kick someone off the stage — a security guard!

"Paris was there too," Whoo Kid added to MTV of the Sundance show. "She was at the front of the stage also. But nah, we kicked a security n---a off. That's some security guy that kept jumping on the stage, picking sh-- up off the stage, pushing people back while we're performing. This di--head, we didn't even know him. Either he's security or works for the club, he keeps getting on the stage. ... But the video looks so generic, you can't tell. He got on the stage three, four times while we were performing. 50 got so pissed off, he said, 'Get the f--- off my stage.' Then I played 'Wanksta.' The guys was acting like a di---head."

50 Cent is certainly no stranger to the rumor mill. Some of the hottest tabloid gossip of late has the 32-year-old rap star romancing Tracey Edmonds. The 40-year-old Edmonds and Eddie Murphy had a wedding ceremony on New Year's Day, only to go their separate ways less than two weeks later. Because the ceremony took place in Bora Bora, their marriage was not official, making their exit plans much simpler. 50 Cent says he's used to the gossip.

They are infatuated with me so much," he says. "Whether I'm there or not or did it or not, they make it me to make it news."