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Zimmerman's Just Rebeccaz Combines Art and Fashion - page 2

By Regina Mahone on January 31, 2006

Just Rebaccaz; photo by Stephanie LehnertThese days, Zimmerman is busy planning the opening of her new boutique "Culture Factory" where clothing meets art and creation. The boutique, which will be located in Norwalk, Conn., will have its grand opening party on Feb. 18. The storefront will showcase Rebecca's fashion line, "just rebecca'z," and the back of the store will be an art gallery, which this month will her showcase some of her sister Pamela's art work.

The boutique will also be featuring clothing and accessories from approximately 10 additional designers as well according to Zimmerman.

"[The store] will also have art classes, such as sewing, knitting, illustrator courses, bookmaking…all kinds of artsy-craftsy things," says the up-and-coming fashion designer.

Zimmerman says that her plans for expansion are not limited to any particular market.

"Right now most of my energy is focused on the store, but I would like to continue selling things through my Web site," she says. "I'm also shipping items out to be sold in a new boutique in Los Angeles, called Sweet Charity."

Be on the lookout for her fresh new fashions, with names you can laugh about.

"What I design changes…I just go with my moods," Zimmerman says.

Her most creative mood led her to creating the extrJust Rebaccaz; photo by Stephanie Lehnertemely unique piece, entitled, "the Scuffle."

"The 'Scuffle' is a combination scarf and muffle," she explains. "There's a pocket inside the scarf for your metro card, keys, or anything else."

Zimmerman's creative designs aren't the only things fueling her success. Her Zen-like attitude is enough to kick any bad karma out the front door.

"I'm so happy now," she says. "[While working a full-time job] I was held back by fear. Always follow your dreams, because happiness is worth so much more than a paycheck. And just because you get fired, doesn't mean you suck."

Be sure to visit the official Web site of just rebecca'z —