Wes and Cher Continue Life After 'Beauty and the Geek' - page 2

By Heather Broeker on June 30, 2006

Wes Wilson, Cher Tenbush, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, Beauty and the Geek"After the first night, I had a crush on Wes," Cher admits. "I was smitten and had a hard time focusing."

"It was weird starting a relationship in front of cameras," adds Wes. "Try kissing someone you just started dating with five different cameras on you and sound guys in the bushes! It did bring about some funny moments though."

Cher and Wes, however, were not partnered together on the show. Cher was paired up with Josh Herman, another awkward fellow who later sold a script to a major network. But the audience loved the Wes and Cher duo. Through the power of television, they created a dramatic twist showing the world that opposites can attract — an endearing story with plenty of room for social commentary. Smart thinking WB!

It was clear for Wes and Cher that what they were developing was indeed real.

"Without Wes, I wouldn't have had the courage to pursue a career in entertainment," Cher says. "I learned on the show that I never pursued my dreams because I was scared of failure. I'm learning that you really can do almost anything when you put your mind to it."

"Prior to the show, I feared the unknown and taking risks," Wes explains. "For me, the show was largely about overcoming fears, so it was natural for me to take the biggest risk of my life and take off for the unknown."

Now the couple has moved to Los Angeles together in hopes of pursuing their entertainment careers. Along with Josh, the couple is working on putting treatments together for show ideas.

"We're trying to find the right vehicle for Wes and I to host together," Cher explains. "We've had some really great ideas that were well received by networks; hopefully we can keep up the good work."

But beyond success in the entertainment world, Wes and Cher have learned a lot about life and love and working hard to achieve their goals.

"Wes and I learned through the show to not be afraid to commit yourself to following your dreams," Cher explains. "We both have always wanted to get paid to travel. We thought we should strike while the iron is hot, because there would never be a better time to make that happen."

Adds Wes, "Our dream is to travel the world and share our experiences with everyone."

"I'd love to produce television shows that matter," Cher says. "I would love to make the world a better place. Even if Wes and I barely scraped together enough to live, I would be happy knowing I was doing something I loved."

This seemingly mismatched couple has established a relationship that is unlike any other that the "reality world" has ever produced. Perhaps it is because they weren't "produced" at all. They have truly made "reality television" their own and so far they're making it work.

Famous science fiction author Philip K. Dick once said, "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." As entertainment consumers, we can deny the popularity of reality television all we want, but it will still be there; and even when it is long gone, perhaps the reality that Wes and Cher have created from their experiences will remain.

"The show has opened a lot of doors and helped us get meetings that we would not have gotten otherwise," Wes confesses. "We love the show and it was a great experience and now we are ready to show what else we can do."