Warren B. Hall Fighting Wars with Comedy - page 3

By Jessamyn Cuneo on January 31, 2006

Warren B. HallHe admits that the material he chooses to use changes with the crowd. "With the college crowds, it's better to go with physical material, or pot jokes," Hall explains. "You make jokes about living with a lady, and they're like, huh?"

Hall is determined to try to avoid the all-too-common black vs. white comedy-routine themes, which have been played out by comedians like Chris Rock.

"I have color issues for different reasons," he says. "I was always the only black kid. I've been in situations where I've been judged by my color. When I'm performing for certain crowds, I can tell they want me to open with a color joke. There are many ways of being funny, though, you know?"

Hall may seem daring in his ability to deliver comedy in camps under fire, filled with stormy-faced soldiers - but some things still put him at unease.

"I don't like cats," Hall says, laughing. "It's like prison, they just mess with you. I don't like that kill-or-be-killed prison mentality."

Other than that slight eccentricity, though, Hall fearlessly enjoys the freedom of being a stand-up comic.

"If there's a girl in the front row with cleavage," Hall says, "I can talk about it and it's 'funny.'"

So he continues, fully charged and loaded on his pursuit of ultimate success. "I want my Mercedes while I can enjoy it," he teases.

Hall's got more surprises up his sleeve. He's been working on writing a pilot for an animated show, and he has previously published a book of poetry as well. It's called "Pieces of Me" (Authorhouse, 2003), and it's a charismatic blend of his humor, and the melancholy that inevitably hides inside every clown

"I just want to be funny," Hall says. "I want to make it and bring all my friends. Kinda like Eminem did, you know? I say, let's all make it."

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