Stephanie St. James Hopes to Inspire with Her Many Talents - page 2

By Jessamyn Cuneo on January 31, 2006

St. James, Stephanie St. James, pictures, photos, pics, images, hot, sexy, interviews, music, songs, plays, actressAs far as the music industry is concerned, St. James has changed her style lately. Her first album, The St. James Experience, is soulful R&B. Her lyrics are poetry that she wrote straight from her heart and life experiences. She receives interesting comments from fans, such as; "[Your music]'s a little crazy, but I feel it and it's very real." She hopes to be classified more with the "raw type" of artists on the market today, such as Lauren Hill and Nikka Costa.

"My music is about the words," St. James says confidently. "I want my music to help and heal people."

She believes that all music serves a purpose, no matter what genre. All different forms of music reach out to all types of people, so everything is important to the greater contribution. She strives to create new sounds to fill in what tiny gaps are still waiting to be claimed.

St. James succeeds in uniquely bridging R&B with Pop on her new single, "All F***ed Up." She has a new album that's due out in the spring, and she's currently preparing to go on tour.

Family remains her number one priority, no matter how much she's dealing with. In fact, she moved from New York to L.A. just to be closer to them.

"My mother has always been that person that I can turn to no matter what," she explains. "I can tell her anything and she'll listen. She's always been there, giving me positive energy, and she taught me everything."

For St. James, the struggle within has been the greatest challenge so far in life.

"Overcoming my own demons," she says, "That's the best way to put it."

Exercising is one way she remains on top of stress. She also spends a lot of time meditating and visualizing-two excellent tools to remaining as chill as she is when so much is going on.

In this world of jaded individuals, St. James is a refreshing fountain of warmth and hope, living up to her name every way that she can.

"I believe in destiny, and in being connected with earth, nature and God," she says. "If I can be right with myself, I can be right with everything around me."