Ruut Playing Her Way to Stardom - page 2

By Shelby Meyers on October 31, 2007

Ruut, Ruut DeMeo, Ruut Sallinen, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, latest, new, music, albums, lyrics, interviewsInfluenced not only by her life experiences, Ruut still finds inspiration in the old gospel music that guided her through her first song, and in talented singer-songwriters like Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos. With the recent release of her EP and her debut album due out this spring, Ruut is using everything she knows and loves, painting each song with her creativity as she works away in the studio.

"I had this hope that it would be a somber but uplifting record," Ruut said of her EP. "That there would be a truth to it that resonated with everyone, but also had an uplifting quality. There are a lot of ballads really close to my heart and some upbeat songs that are just fun to listen to."

One such ballad from the EP, "Nothing Is Right," was recently selected as one of 12 finalists in the 2007 Songwriting Contest conducted by the New York Songwriters Circle.

"It's been an exciting opportunity for me," Ruut said of her achievement. "I feel honored to have been selected as a finalist. Just to be able to share the stage with all those amazing finalists is great in itself."

For her current tour, Ruut enlisted the help of a few good friends, Jen (cello) and Scott Smith (guitar), who happen to be extremely talented musicians too, layering depth and diversity into her live shows.

"My really good friends are awesome, seasoned musicians — just brilliant and we gel really well when we play together," Ruut said. "They understand my music in a way that I haven't found in other musicians before."

While promoting her latest release with these unforgettable live shows, Ruut is busy working on her full-length album. But without a label backing her, she's fearlessly going about it on her own, not only writing but producing her debut.

"I'm working on finishing the album," Ruut said. "We're taking a couple of the songs from the EP and adding them to the record, because we're so proud of them and want them to be part of the nationwide release. And I'm writing all new songs for the record, so it's definitely going to have fresh new songs too."

Recently told by a friend she was the new Natalie Merchant, Ruut can be found at many of L.A.'s hottest acoustic venues pouring out her soul over the ivories. For such a young artist, it can be daunting trying to make it in music, but Ruut knows exactly what she needs to do.

"The key is to have a really strong live show," Ruut said. "I've seen people that because their invites look so good, or they have cool big names attached to them, they have lured me to the show, but then I was disappointed."

"The best way to stand out above the crowd in this town, where it's so hard to make true, lifetime fans, is to play from your gut and have a powerful live show," Ruut continued. "That's what will keep fans coming back for more."

She's not afraid to play from her gut — and with the talent that she possesses, it won't be long before Ruut grabs everyone's attention. Even the guy way in the back won't be able to ignore her captivating melodies for long.

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