Rapper Young A Thriving Despite Katrina Setback

By Jessamyn Cuneo on February 28, 2006

Young A, pictures, picture, photos, photo, images, image, pics, pic, rapper, music, songs, albums, lyrics, interviewWhile much of New Orleans has been weakened or demolished since disaster struck, some of the city's landmarks have used the opportunity to grow stronger.

Young A is one of New Orleans' milestone rappers who has been thriving despite the setbacks of Hurricane Katrina. His latest album, The New Glory, features well known and respected rappers Juvenile, David Banner, and a track with Soulja Slim, recorded only three months before Slim was murdered. The single off the album, "Eyes Half Closed," has been gaining recognition across the country and receiving major airplay.

Things haven't always looked so promising for Young A. During the hurricane, Young A was forced to flee his home by driving his truck through the floodwaters. He looked at the disaster in the most positive way, a chance to expand and grow with new surroundings and a fresh location.

"I'm not able to record like I used to record," says Young A, who is signed to Akright Records. "I used to record every day. As far as my residence, it got terminated."

He does want to return, however. "When they rebuild it, I'm gonna go back," he says with conviction. "Once I move back, it's basically let them know the baller's back, getting everything prepared for when I do go back."

The rapping industry has appealed to the 21-year-old Young A for quite some time. "I've been rapping for four years seriously," he says, "But [I've] been doing it since I was like 12."

It's a competitive market, and Young A has his own opinion of the things needed to beat the game. "I think it takes a businessman and raw talent [to make it in the music industry,]" Young A says.

He looks up to the original kings of the industry for guidance and motivation. "My influences would be a lot of old-school cats," Young A says, "Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G."

Right now, Young A is content to work with the rappers that are making marks around the nation, and are headed on the same path that he is. "I hope to work with anyone I really feel," he says, "Who's on the level where they're doing the business. This s**t is 99 percent business, 1 percent friendship."

"I'm a franchise player," Young A continues, "I always look at it like I need to be a businessman. I only think long term."