Parsons Duo Brandon Suen and Bijan Kazem Have Big Fashion Plans - page 4

By Jeff Ferrantino on August 31, 2006

Suen Kazem; photo by David Packer"It's kind of like taking classic silhouettes and classic pieces and kind of revamping them for 2007," Kazem explained. "I think its really appreciating construction of clothing. I think Brandon and I both interned at houses that these sort of high-end stuff are capable of doing some really complicated pattern making, so we kind of don't want to compromise that in our line. So even though a piece of ours may look simple, it's probably the most complicated thing in the world.

"I think that's what Brandon and I are most interested in—sort of the artistic aspect of design, and not so much mass production and pumping out as much as is humanly possible."

The duo is also planning on accessories to accompany their ready-to-wear line.

"Every aspect of living a particular lifestyle is what interests us," Kazem explained. "We're really interested in bringing our designs forward in more aspects than just clothing, but you know, you always have to start somewhere."

While they share much in common from their past, Suen confessed that it is their differences that actually makes them such a dynamic duo together.

"I think the fact that we're both so different in terms of what we like, and whaSuen Kazem; photo by David Packert our aesthetics are, that we're both drawn to one another's designs," said Suen. "It's a contrast."

"Brandon is panic-driven and I'm the one that fixes everything, so it works out great," added a laughing Kazem.

While they are both currently working countless hours preparing for the upcoming New York Fashion Week, the sound of excitement is radiant in the voices of both designers. Both are finally at peace in life, and looking forward to what the future has in store for them.

"It was very satisfying for me to be able to prove everything to my parents," Kazem reflected. "It's something that I was very serious about and something that I know I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life."

They're extremely proud," added Suen of his family. "Personally, I was one of those kids who jumped from hobby to hobby to hobby, never really ever being able to finish anything. This was the first time that I showed my parents, 'Hey, I'm grown up. I'm ready to commit to something, and I'm ready to fully be an adult.'

"Hey, we did it, and we did it extremely well apparently!"

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