'No Refunds' Necessary With Comedian Doug Stanhope - page 2

By Jessamyn Cuneo on August 31, 2007

Doug Stanhope, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, comedy, stand-up, comedian, No Refunds, Aristocrats, jokes, interviewsThough it may sound heartless, he's just telling it like it is. That's what's most refreshing about Stanhope, whose latest comedy special, "No Refunds," premiered on Showtime in August to rave reviews. Plenty of people probably think along the same lines, but he's just the only one who has the balls to say it.

But hey, that's just part of the job, right? If there are two things that all successful comedians come equipped with, they are balls and emotions. They seem gutsy onstage, beating themselves and everything else up with words. They're also sensitive on a greater level, and they do all that's humanly possible to be the ones taking the stabs in life. Eventually, the job itself becomes too much to take, and many of them decide to wrap up their balls and sensitivity and head into the next stage of life. For Stanhope, it sounds like he's nearing that time.

"There's a wide swath across the middle of the country that's just bleak," he says. "I just spent the last 13 days in Ohio. It's just that same dismal, empty, gray. They get you in here, drop you off, and say, 'Hey, make these people happy.'"

He pauses, heaves a sigh, and continues.

"I can't do this anymore. I don't want to make these people laugh, because I don't want them to come out of this low to see the high. It's like giving a starving guy a really good meal when he's just gonna go right back to starving... just let him die."

That's the Worchester mentality talking. It seems he's never shed it. While being from the city definitely adds bite to his style, his intelligence is really the sharpest part about him. He's so quick, it's hard to believe he's explored as many drugs as he openly admits to.

"Anchorage is one of my favorite places to perform, Stanhope says. "The people up there still party. Drugs are still popular. There are still people my age that I can go out and do ecstasy with. You start getting to 40, and you don't have a lot of friends you can still do acid with, who are in your peer group."

This isn't admitted for shock value. Keep in mind, the man has actually considered running for president. So why does he admit to these things so openly, when they may jeopardize his hopes for a future in politics? It all comes down to another trademark Stanhope philosophy:

"Everyone should be revealing that kind of sh#t to everybody," he responds. "It wouldn't be frowned upon by the masses if it was as open as it is common. Anything that's supposedly "wrong" on any level - if you went out and you took random cock on Saturday night because you were loaded and you weren't gonna see the guy again because he's from Australia and you banged him in a Best Western - it should be the first thing out of your mouth at work on Monday morning. There's nothing wrong with it. More people would have less hang-ups about the sh*t they do that there's nothing really wrong with."

Maybe you agree with Stanhope completely. Why shouldn't we be all for flinging our closets wide open and showing people who we really are? Just imagine the kinds of things that would be flying out of the mouths of politicians in office if they lived by this philosophy. They'd have plenty of stories that would put doing acid in Alaska to shame.

For more information on Doug Stanhope and his latest DVD, "No Refunds," be sure to visit his official Web site — DougStanhope.com.