Model Anna Lexington Shows Her Competitive Spirit - page 2

By Jeff Ferrantino on February 28, 2006

Anna Lexington, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, young, model, freeones, bikini, Lingerie, bowl, Playboy"It's the stupidest thing that I've ever done," she admits. "I tried to go back in high school, but I had grown and my body had changed. I was full scholarship, probably Olympic material. And that's a big regret. I wish that I had never quit. But you know, everything happens for a reason, so who knows, maybe I would have had a horrible accident!"

While her career is just now exploding, Lexington says that it has been in the back of her mind for as long as she can remember.

"I can remember being in the first grade and holding little beauty pageants with my friends," she says laughing. "When I was young, I had a Broadway voice and I wanted to try out for Annie. I would go to nursing homes and sing and I would go to every talent show that I could. I remember the first time that I saw Grease I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John. I just kept singing all of her songs. I don't know, one day I finally just said it's never going to happen."

While she always had an interest in modeling, Lexington continually shied away from the camera. Her older sister had done some work in the industry, but at one point her family was exposed to the dark side of the business

"I wanted to model, but I think [my parents] got taken by one agent and they didn't know any better," she says. "My parents were both in business and they didn't know anything about entertainment."

Lexington's father was a biochemist and her mom worked for a software company, so you couldn't blame her family for not knowing what to expect.

"My parents were always supportive of anything that I wanted to do," Lexington says. "They were supportive, but they never helped me out too much, because I think they were just trying to keep me safe. They knew that it could be sleazy."

Lexington did do some runway work while in high school. She took a few acting lessons as well, in addition to being a competitive cheerleader at the time. She recalls being very shy in her younger years.

"In high school, I was very quiet," she says. "I was kind of on the outskirts of the in-crowd. I kind of did my own thing. I wasn't real popular. I would go to parties, but I wasn't the center of attention."

Lexington's sudden rise to fame hasn't come without her fair share of heartbreak along the way. There was the much-publicized breakup with her longtime boyfriend, K.C. Armstrong, of "Howard Stern Show" fame. She was also disqualified from last year's Maxim Hometown Hotties competition when the magazine mistakenly thought that she had posed nude for Playboy.

"I actually had more votes than any other girl in the competition," the admitted chocolate lover says of Maxim. "They had chosen me to go forward, and without asking me they saw Playboy on my resume and they assumed that I had posed nude. I just wish they had asked me. I got disqualified after I worked 24/7, literally from the second that I would get up to the moment that I went to sleep. It's not a beauty contest, it's a matter of how many people you can get to go vote for you."