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Jazmin Whitley's Li Cari Fashion Line Igniting Runways - page 3

By Brewer Baker on February 28, 2007

Li Cari fashion; photo by Marc PironWhitley's in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, combined with her great passion for design is what makes her so successful. She reveals, "I think about (designing) all of the time. I think about how clothing looks on people. I look at clothing and I think about how I can use certain materials and create something new with them. There's always something around me that is an inspiration."

Whitley may be knowledgeable and passionate about design, but she is also an avid activist. She is very passionate about the issue of child labor and educating consumers on the inhumane practice.

Whitley expresses, "I want to educate people on what's going on. People buy things that say 'Made in China', but what does that really mean? Children are being enslaved and are mass-producing cheap clothing without really thinking about what they are doing. But we can help change these children's lives."

All of Whitley's garments are produced in the USA or Europe, where she "knows the clothing is being made by adults, who know what they're doing and are there by choice."

Whitley has proven to be a breath of fresh air in the often methodical and rigid world of fashion. She's young, talented and isn't afraid to break away from the beaten path. And even though her star is rapidly rising, she remains grounded and truly appreciates everything that she has.

"I love to create," she explains. "Seeing people wearing my designs brings them to life. It is so exciting and rewarding."

The Li Cari Spring 2007 Label Tour kicked off at the Diane Merrick Boutique on February 9 and will continue until the end of May. Included in the Boutique Tour are shows at Dimani on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and Tentation in Newport Beach, CA, where Whitley will debut her swimwear line on April 27.

Currently, the Li Cari label consists of women's clothing, swimwear, shoes and Li Cari fashion; photo by Marc Pironhandbags, but Whitley says she is working on a men's line, and plans to create a children's line in the future.

Despite her youth, Whitley is determined to prove that she has what it takes to make it to the top. She reveals, "Because I'm young, people may underestimate me. I have a lot to show and a lot to prove."

No matter what obstacles she may face, Whitley says that she tries to remain positive and follow her own advice on achieving success. "Don't be afraid. Do what you love. Try really hard. Put all of your effort into whatever you want to do. I feel really blessed to be where I am; not everyone gets to feel that way."

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