'Greek' Star Jacob Zachar Having a Beautiful Time - page 2

By Shelby Meyers on April 30, 2008

Jacob Zachar, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, Greek, actor, music, bandZachar has been living in Los Angeles for just a year-and-a-half and was lucky enough to land his "Greek" role right out of the gate. Another dream that doesn't come true for many heading out West to act.

"I started out doing theater and stage productions, and then in high school and college I was involved in film projects," he shares. "I moved out to Los Angeles because of all the opportunities and I ended up getting the show right away, so I never had to really go through those tough years a lot of people have to go through."

The young star landed his first major role in 2006 when he played the part of Ernest in the film "Little Big Top." He has also appeared on screen in "Drunkboat, alongside Dana Delany, John Goodman and John Malkovich. He has an impressive theater background that includes such production as "On Golden Pond," "Prairie Lights," "Big: The Musical," "Les Misérables" and "Guys and Dolls." Zachar says he would eventually like to return to the stage again.

"I really would love to go back to live theater," he confesses. "I don't mind sitting down and having a 10-page scene, that's where you really learn. In film, it just goes so quick that you never get really deep into a scene because it's over before you know it."

"I recommend for anyone who wants to be an actor to do theater for a couple years first to figure out if it's something you want to continue to do," Zachar continues. "That's honestly where it all starts, and it's best to know your roots."

And when he's not on set, Zachar can be found as the singer and harmonica player of a funky blues band made up of old friends from Chi-town.

"Music has always been as big a part as acting," Zachar says. "I started off in a punk ska band and we played for three or four years, and then I wanted to go metal for a while. Out here I have a few friends from home and we're in a blues and classic rock band now. It's called Superfly TNT and we're on MySpace, so check us out. We're bringing back the blues funk."

Inspired by Muddy Waters, Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Zachar and friends have an eclectic background that brings something classic, but fresh to listeners.

As for "Greek," it's packed with ups and downs of campus life and 20-somethings trying to figure things out. From pledges vying for spots like Rusty, to planning the next big party like Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), to coming out of the closet like Rusty's rush mate and friend Calvin (Paul James).

"That's the thing about doing a show like this, you can become whoever you want because it's college and that's what happens in real life, discovering who you really are," Zachar says.

One thing is for certain, this isn't the same old college show. "Greek" is edgier with more laughs and provides a solid dose of campus life that just might have you wishing for an invite to the next party on fraternity row.

"That's always been the theme — to stay away from those formulated scripts where it becomes predictable," says Zachar. "It's nice to shake it up so you never really know what's going to happen."

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