Comic Joe Charles In It For The Laughs - page 2

By Lenny Castaneda on March 31, 2006

Joe CharlesIf Charles is surprised to get a laugh, then he was definitely flabbergasted when he landed a girlfriend through his comedy. It was one of Charles' break-dancing routines on stage that caught her attention. She was hooked from the start, because as soon as she contacted him through, she was his.

Though Charles' dad could care less about his career, his mom loves it and is proud of anything he does.

"I could make a finger painting to this day and she would break down in tears. She's a sweetheart," he says.

Unless your last name is Chappelle or Rock, there is no money in comedy. But that's not why Charles takes the stage. He is happy just to pay his rent on time. The true reason for his comedy is to satisfy his addiction to the stage. He says that once you get a little stage performance in your blood, you're hooked, and there is no escape.

"It's like a vampire with no head, because there is no way to go back to normal," explains Charles, who has performed with the likes of his idol Clay and Joe Rogan to name just a few.

When he is performing, it is a non-stop night of feeding on stage for more of that Adrenaline-rush that Charles gets every time from the crowd.

For some comics, who are always coming up with clever comebacks and witty one-liners, hecklers in the crowd can really put those skills to the test. Charles likes rowdy crowds and tries to go with the flow by making hecklers enjoy it too. Though he doesn't like destroying a person's ego, sometimes a heckler disrupts the show to the point where the comic has to show who has the talking stick.

"Especially if you're having a hard time on stage, then you have to show them why you have the mic and they are the loser who paid to see you," he says.

Charles can find anything in his environment and make it funny, no matter how controversial it is. Lately he has been writing more clean jokes, because he finds it a bit more challenging to write material that would make a Sunday school teacher and a Hell's Angel laugh in the same room.

"It tough," he says, "But I can get raw and dirty if the crowd isn't buying my Cheerios bits."

For Charles, comedy is a nightly dogfight, so motivation is crucial. He gets on stage every opportunity that he gets, even if he's not feeling it. If he bombs, he learns to deal with it by analyzing what he did wrong and fixing it for the next time. Soon, he has hopes of performing on college campuses all around the U.S. He says that his ultimate goal is to get his own one-hour HBO Comedy Special and maybe own a comedy club. One thing is for certain; he loves the thrill of providing laughter to others.

"It would be a dream come true if I make it big one day," he says, "But simply having the opportunity to satisfy my addiction for making people laugh is a dream in itself."

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