Comedian Daniel Tosh Getting 'Completely Serious' - page 2

By Jessamyn Cuneo on December 31, 2006

Daniel Tosh, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, stand-up, comedian, comedy, interviews, Completely Serious"A lot of times, I think something's funny," Tosh says, "and then I say it and nobody laughs. I'm really a trial-by-ear type of person. I try to come up with things that I don't think I've ever heard, and make them as absurd as possible."

Once Tosh finds material that works, he doesn't like to repeat it over and over again. With so much traveling and constant performances, it's hard to keep switching it up. He pushes his material as far as it can go, without breaking it.

"I think what keeps me fresh on the road is the sheer number of pregnancy scares that I've had," Tosh says. "That keeps me going. Like, I can't believe I haven't learned my lesson yet!"

All joking aside, Tosh is motivated by success, just like everyone else. As long as his career is progressing, he remains as contented as he gets. As long as he keeps making more money, and more people are coming to his shows, he'll keep up with the demand.

"I'm like most people," Tosh says, "I'm like, 'Oh, if I can just get to this level, I'll be happy.' I'm pretty sure that's a false goal, and I'll still be miserable."

What would make Tosh supremely happy, other than continuing to do stand-up at much-coveted venues, is to have his own half-hour talk show. He's been interested in writing and starring in television shows for some time now, and is currently writing a show for Fox, which he hopes will get picked up.

"I grew up watching Letterman," Tosh says, "so I do have a soft spot for him. I [also] love being on the 'Tonight Show.' Give me a show after Carson Daly! I don't need viewers. I just need somebody to allow me to do what I want for thirty minutes."

That leaves the question of who he'd invite on to the Daniel Tosh show…

"That's a totally fair question," Tosh says, "which is probably why I guess I won't have a late-night show: 'Ok, we'll give you one. Who do you want on it?' And I'm like, 'Um…I don't know…whoever has a new shitty show on NBC and I need to plug it?'"

"Maybe the first show I have no guests, and everyone gets to know me a little better," Tosh continues. "I just want a show that I can be like, this is why I'm doing what I'm doing. What's airing on television channels makes it a little depressing that I'm not [able to get a show.]"

Other than performing comedy and pushing to land a television show, Tosh claims to have one other main interest: Gambling.

"I like playing cards everywhere," Tosh says. "Anywhere I can lose, and be really unhappy."