Christine Dolce Far From Forbidden on MySpace - page 2

By Jeff Ferrantino on April 30, 2006

Christine Dolce, Christina Dolce, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, young, model, Forbidden, MySpace, Playboy, Destroyed Denim, freeones"[My manager] helps me a lot, as far as keeping everything together, focusing, and getting everything done," she admits. "Without him, it would be tough."

"We saw the vision together," says Dolce. "It took many hours of our time, every day, just clicking and adding everyone. Then, I actually had fans who said, 'Hey, I'll help you out in adding people.' "

From there, things started falling into place rather quickly.

"The first thing that came about," recalls Dolce, "was I got bored one day, and I just destroyed a pair of my jeans."

What Dolce didn't know was that posting up a bulletin on MySpace of herself in these infamous jeans would create a huge stir among her "friends."

"I got comment after comment, from people asking, 'Hey, where did you get those jeans?' "

The massive response inspired Dolce to start her own clothing line, Destroyed Denim.

In March, Dolce was invited to be one of just 15 up-and-coming designers asked to participate in Sew Down, the bi-annual Los Angeles Fashion Week runway show.

"That was an awesome experience," says Dolce. "It was very hectic and there was a lot of work involved, but in the end, we definitely benefited from it, because it got our name out there more, and it just gave us the drive to keep moving forward."

Today, Destroyed Denim is only available online. However, a goal is set for a full original line to be available in stores sometime this summer.

"I can't talk a whole lot about it now," she says, "but we're in-the-mix with other jean lines as far as getting my own signature line going on right now, and then eventually being able to distribute to stores. We're getting there. It's in the making."

Each day presents a different challenge for Dolce, especially considering how her life has changed virtually overnight.

"I love what I'm doing," Dolce says. "We're actually going to try and come up with different ways to destroy denim. It's definitely a focus, because I want to stay in the fashion industry, but I'm also working on many other things along with that. I'm learning, but like I said, baby steps."

Some of those "other things" include modeling and acting. Dolce recently packed up and left Orange County for Hollywood, where she intends to immerse herself in the television and film industry. She's taking acting lessons, and has hopes of starring in her own reality show someday soon.

"[Acting] is definitely something that I want to get into," she says.