ASM Interview: Singer-Songwriter Gordon Chambers

By John Calloway J... on January 31, 2007

Gordon Chambers, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, music, artist, song, albums, lyrics, Love Stories, interviewAsk any artist, and they'd be sure to tell you that what they fear the most is the sophomore jinx. A second album release can make or break you. But when you're Gordon Chambers, a hit songwriter who has written songs for artists such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Anita Baker, a second record is just another chance to shine. In an exclusive interview with ASM, Chambers talks about his new record "Love Stories," what influences him, and the new R&B scene.

ASM: How is your new album "Love Stories" different from your debut album, "Introducing Gordon Chambers"?

Chambers: It's more up-tempo, more radio friendly, and more close to my live-in-concert personality.

ASM: Do you feel you are growing as a writer and performer?

Chambers: Absolutely. A musician never stops learning. My voice is getting more confident, and you can hear it in the new album.

ASM: Did you experiment with different instrumentation that you haven't used before?

Chambers: There are some songs I did with European producers that sound very, very pop sonically and production-wise and melodically. Other than that, the instrumentation is similar to the first album.

ASM: Discuss your touring plans. Where do you plan to tour?

Chambers: So far, I have dates lined up in Houston, Dallas, NYC, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, and Cleveland. As the album grows, we expect more requests, especially internationally. The booking number is 212-696-6774. Hint, hint!

ASM: In the past, you have mentioned being influenced by Stevie Wonder. What additional influences are evident on this new record?

Chambers: You can hear Stevie, Donny, Earth, Wind & Fire, sounds from the '70s. But you can also hear contemporary grooves that Musiq Soulchild, Joe, Brian McKnight, and Usher might sing. It's a classic, yet modern album.

ASM: Discuss the evolution of R&B music. How has the R&B industry changed from the '60s and '70s?

Chambers: The R&B scene is dominated by the influence of hip-hop. So it's beat and dance and youth-driven. Unfortunately, mature chord and lyric-driven is getting sidelined. It's about Red Bull, more than red wine.

ASM: How do you see yourself fitting into the new R&B scene?

Chambers: I'm bringing grown and sexy back to play off Justin's hit, LOL. I bring quality lyrics, professional timeless production, and impassioned soul singing to the table.

ASM: If there were one thing you'd like people to walk away with after listening to your music, what would that be?

Chambers: Inspiration, romance, good vibrations.

ASM: What type of songs are the hardest to write and why?

Chambers: Up tempos, by far. Ballads come easy; I'm a sentimental guy. Up tempos need sex appeal. I think of myself of more sentimental than sexy.

ASM: Are you looking for artists on your new record label?

Chambers: If I come across someone who moves me, sure.

ASM: What advice would you give new artists?

Chambers: Do your homework on the business side, polish your craft, don't pursue this for the glamour and the money only. Let it be a labor of love, and the blessings will follow.

"Love Stories," the second album from Gordon Chambers, will be available this spring. To purchase the album or for more information on Chambers, visit his official Web site —