ASM Interview: Jeremy Jackson, Actor and Singer - page 2

By Heather Broeker on August 31, 2007

Jeremy Jackson, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, latest, newASM: Well it seems like it's coming down to popularity. People want to gain popularity and by associating with you, they feel like they're getting closer to fame. That's really how you've made yourself profitable isn't it?

Jackson: This is something I sorta stumbled into. I love clubs and dancing and performing, and I'd go to clubs and many of my friends would join me. We were already having a good time, and I'd surround myself with these hot chicks and fun people, and the clubs started to notice. It was a great way for them to do promotions. So I teamed up with Josh Slocum's — a club that Dennis Rodman used to own, and we did these "Von Dutch Mondays" with clothing giveaways and all sorts of stuff. And things kinda blew up from there.

ASM: It seems like just having fun has turned out to be a pretty good business.

Jackson: I've been able to graduate from promoting clubs to also having people want to pay me to promote their stuff, you know? Their name and my face, and I try to make myself accessible to those opportunities. I get a certain enjoyment and energy boost out of being creative, and with this I get to create and have an influence in taking something and making it cool. Now I'm getting to the point where I'm asking myself, 'Do I push products or do I become the product?'

ASM: What else are you involved in?

Jackson: I'm also into music and my song, "Adios," just hit number four in Europe, so that's pretty exciting. It's available for digital download and it's on my MySpace page.

ASM: Any interest in getting back into acting?

Jackson: Yes, we've actually started filming a project that I'm working on. It's a two-minute piece that's got a budget of $3 million, so it's pretty serious stuff. I have plans to redirect my focus a bit — get back in the gym, back into acting and voice training and really become an even better, all-round entertainer.

ASM: So it's the clichéd question, but where do you see yourself in ten years?

Jackson: If I leave some kind of positive mark, I'll be happy. I've been able to help recoveries and people in rehab. It's rewarding to have people say to me, 'I haven't done drugs in two weeks and your recovery story was such an inspiration.'

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