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Adrienne Lau Looks to Break Down Pop Music Barriers - page 3

By Jeff Ferrantino on March 31, 2006

Adrienne Lau, pictures, picture, photos, photo, images, image, pics, pic, hot, sexy, singer, music, artist, interviewsLau says that she is extremely grateful that her dreams have fallen into place and that she has such an amazing support team by her side.

"I feel very fortunate," she says. "I am very thankful to my record label, because they have so much faith in me. They arranged so many different opportunities for me, and that was really awesome. I think everything is coming along way better and way faster than I would have ever imagined."

Lau says that having the right team of people pushing her, as well as having the right attitude, makes her challenge all the more obtainable. In February, she went to the Brit Awards with Kanye West, an experience that she thoroughly enjoyed.

"Especially with the travel, it's really crazy," she says. "But I'm enjoying it. This is what I've always wanted to do. It's always going to be hard, but I enjoy it a lot."

In recent years, the American pop scene has been dominated by the likes of Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera to name just a few. It is an industry dominated by sexy young women and Lau confesses to the importance of having a sex appeal when it comes to the chances of realizing her dreams.

"I think it's important for female singers to look good and be sexy, but it's not always the most important thing," says Lau, who was recently introduced as the new international spokesmodel for Vigoss Jeans. "The music also has to be a big part of a singer's career, because you can't just look good and your music sucks.

"I'm pretty comfortable with being sexy and everything, but I would never go overboard. For me, performance is a big part of my life. And how an artist looks and what they do, it's a big part of the performance. In my performance, I do a lot of sexy dance moves and I think that's important too. I always want to look good, but I pay more attention to my music."

While she once had to put her education first, Lau now has the full support of her family.

"My parents are really supportive," says Lau, who enjoys having her family close to her Los Angeles home. "After I signed with Global Village, they've gone with me whenever I've been on tour."

With the support of her family and record label, Lau remains hopeful that her hard work will eventually make life easier for those who want to follow in her footsteps.

"It is a motivation for me, because I want to open doors for other people," she says. "There has to be a first one. People say it's always hard to be first. Look at the movie industry. There are Asian-influenced movies like Kill Bill and more and more are coming out. There has to be a first one to break open that door and then more will follow. I'm Asian and I think there's a lot of Asian talent out there. I want to encourage them and bring out opportunities.

"When it comes down to music, it's about good music. It's really not about who you are, because when you turn on the radio, you hear music and you don't worry about what nationality it is. Good music is always going to win."

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