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Adrienne Lau Looks to Break Down Pop Music Barriers - page 2

By Jeff Ferrantino on March 31, 2006

Adrienne Lau, pictures, picture, photos, photo, images, image, pics, pic, hot, sexy, singer, music, artist, interviewsAfter receiving feedback from the industry audience, Lau went to work on what will be her first major release, the self-titled "ADRIENNE," due out on June 13.

"We took the best of the first album to make what we think is a really good album," Lau explains. "This album is a lot more urban-influenced. It's more R&B, more urban, whereas the first album was a lot more poppy, dance driven. I did a lot of collaborations on the first album and this one I did a lot more on my own."

Lau did receive a few contributions on the new album, including a song titled "You're the One" with rap star Petey Pablo.

"That was really fun," she says of the experience. "He's a lot more hip-hop. Working with him on the single is cool, because the beat to that song is very urban-driven."

Much like the first album, Lau continued to write most of her own material. Her work includes several inspirations songs: "Dream," which inspires people to follow their dreams; "For the Ladies," which encourages women to be strong; and "We are Family," which encourages people to love each other and not pay attention to race or color among other things.

"The whole album is very diverse. Some hip-hop, some pop, some dance," she says. "Every day is a learning experience for me. The more I do, the more I get better every day."

As she's attempting to become the first to emerge, Lau's music faces even further scrutiny from those following her every move.

"Because there aren't any Asian-American pop singers, people pay a lot more attention to it," she says.

Thankfully, Lau isn't alone in the process. She has developed a close friendship with Jin Auyeung, a fellow Asian-American musical artist attempting to emerge in the world of hip-hop.Adrienne Lau, pictures, picture, photos, photo, images, image, pics, pic, hot, sexy, singer, music, artist, interviews

"I learned a lot from him," Lau admits. "It's kind of cool working with him, because we face similar challenges. When I perform with him, we kind of encourage each other along. I always enjoy working with other Asian talent.

"When I was at the Grammy's, I was looking around and I was the only Asian chick there. It's always good to see similar faces doing similar things and having similar backgrounds."

Lau's journey may soon be coming to television, where she has been hard at work on her very own reality series titled, "Life of a Pop Star." A network is close to picking up the series, which follows the theme of whether America is ready for an Asian-American pop star.

"It's kind of fun in that the cameras are always around," she says. "When I'm eating, when I'm talking to my mom, when I'm happy or when I'm going through a bad time, they're always there. It's a different experience. I didn't grow up to have a camera next to me all the time!

"It's cool. I'm getting more and more used to it. At the beginning, I was like, 'Don't film me right now!' My life is getting more and more transparent."