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Rod Stewart Reveals His Biggest Onstage Blunder of All Time: 'I Felt Really Stupid!'

By Celebrity News Wire on April 16, 2018

Rod Stewart hasn’t always had the best luck with his onstage moves.

Asked to reveal his biggest performance flub of all time, the 73-year-old rocker tells PEOPLE Now that it had to do with a microphone mishap.

“I’m well known for throwing the microphone and standing around, and I threw it up one night and it didn’t come down because it got stuck in the lighting rig, so I felt really stupid,” he said during an interview with friend and tour mate Cyndi Lauper.

The “Forever Young” singer also opened up about what he does when he wants to cut back and have some fun.

“I have so many outlets for my fun. Some are disgusting and I won’t talk about them on air,” he said before laughing and quickly adding that he was “only joking.”

Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper

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“Everybody knows I’m a fun model railroad. I love watching football, I love playing football,” he continued. “But most of the time I love being around my kids, more so now than I’ve ever done.”

He also added that he and his wife Penny Lancaster — with whom he celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last July — “like going on quick weekend” trips “just to get out of town.”

“Very romantic us two,” he added.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

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Speaking about his upcoming tour with Lauper, their second joint tour to date, Stewart revealed that he’d been a fan of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” hitmaker from the very beginning.

“I thought had a soulful voice,” he previously told PEOPLE. “I like ‘Time After Time.’ I’d love to have recorded that — such a gorgeous song.”

Lauper, 64, also sang Stewart’s praises, saying “he’s just one of the great rock and roll singers.”

Stewart and Lauper’s joint tour kicks off June 25 and runs through Sept. 21.

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