Pippa Middleton’s New Brother-in-Law Is England’s Spencer Pratt (and He Once Dated Spencer’s Sister!)

By Celebrity News Wire on May 19, 2017

At Pippa Middleton‘s wedding, Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry won’t be the only royal representatives in the pews!

James Matthews‘ brother, Spencer Matthews, is British reality TV royalty. The 27-year-old star appeared on the hit show Made in Chelsea (the U.K. equivalent of The Hills!) for 10 seasons, since it debuted in 2011. He also had his own season of The Bachelor, and appeared on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and The Jump.

During his time on TV (especially on Made in Chelsea), he has earned quite a reputation.

Here are just a few of his most explosive moments — with video evidence.

1. He’s not the most faithful boyfriend.

Longtime Made in Chelsea fans know that Spencer has a bit of a pattern: He has a tendency to cheat on his girlfriends. He has done it to three women within the course of the show: Louise Thompson, Lucy Watson and Stephanie Pratt (yes, Spencer Pratt’s sister and former star of The Hills). In the video below, he says his less-than-stellar reputation is a “fabrication.” We bet these ladies would disagree.

He’s currently dating another British TV personality, Vogue Williams.

2. His love life is full of drama.

When he was his ex-girlfriend Louise, another guy, Andy, had expressed interest in her, so Spencer decided to introduce himself — rather aggressively.

3. Social media can get him into trouble.

His ex Lucy found out about Spencer’s cheating in a tweet. Ouch.

5. He is creative with his apologies.

He apologized to Stephanie (The Hills star and sister of Spencer Pratt!) by giving her a Prada bag. It seemed to work.

6. He doesn’t always follow the bro code. 

Spencer went after a girl he ended up cheating on — who he knew his best friend was interested in. Not cool, bro.

7. He is a bit of a commitment phobe.

He has proved this time and time again — like the time he said he hoped his girlfriend living with him was a “temporary” situation.

8. He stands up for himself.

Which often results in some tension-filled altercations, like this one with Millie Mackintosh, the ex-girlfriend (and now, again, current girlfriend) of Hugo Taylor, one of his closest friends, where he called her “classless” and “ridiculous.”

9. He tells it like it is.

And will tell his girlfriend that he could totally go sleep with other girls, if he wanted to.

10. He thinks getting spanked feels “quite nice.”

He’s got a funny side beyond all that romantic drama. In this online exclusive Made in Chelsea clip, Spencer swaps clothes with his best friend and fellow Made in Chelsea star Jamie, practices his seduction skills on said friend and gets spanked — which he calls “quite nice.”

11. He is the kind of guy who gets slapped in the face.

If you haven’t figured that out by now, watch the clip below for evidence.

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