PEOPLE’s Guide Dog at Large Is Mastering His Manners

By Celebrity News Wire on March 20, 2017

Murphy is back, and he is making great progress!

PEOPLE’s guide dog at large is continuing to learn the skills he will need to help his future visually impaired person.

Many of the lessons Guiding Eyes of the Blind and Murphy’s puppy raisers have to teach focus on making him a perfect gentleman.

Knowing house manners and how to obey them is vital to Murphy’s success as a guide dog. Since the Labrador’s owner will not be able to see him, it is important that Murphy knows how to behave at home with little instruction.

Unlike humans, Murph isn’t working on please and thank you. Instead, he must understand that he can’t jump on the furniture, steal items off the ground or snag food from the counters (all good manners for a human, as well).

Murphy is currently in the prevention stage of his manners training, meaning his puppy raisers have turned into real helicopter parents, watching his every move to make sure he behaves and using the command “out,” which means to drop an object, when he makes mistakes.

Right now, Murphy is having a hard time resisting the urge to pick up socks, but he is improving every day. Overall, our furry superstar is a great listener and continues to show impressive progress on his road from precious puppy to loyal guide dog.

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