Mark Consuelos on His Riverdale Character's Insanely Tight Suits: 'Sometimes I Can't Bend Over'

By Celebrity News Wire on May 16, 2018

Mark Consuelos and his love-to-hate character on Riverdale, Hiram Lodge, have a lot in common. They’re both smooth, handsome and are loving fathers (well, maybe that last one is to be determined for Hiram). But there’s one thing they can’t seem to agree on: the fit of their suits.

In an interview with GQ, Consuelos, 47, opens up about his juicy role and all things Riverdale style.

Although his character is decidedly not a South Side Serpent on the show, Consuelos would love one of the group’s signature leather jackets, featuring a large green snake on the back. “I do covet the jacket. It’s a badass jacket.”

In regards to his own character’s style, Consuelos has no complaints. Well, except one, when it comes to suits: “They’re sewn within an inch of my leg,” Consuelos says of the bespoke suits. “I can’t eat the night before — sometimes I can’t bend over if I drop my script, they’re so tight.”

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Also tight? The cast themselves. Consuelos explains how the “Dads of Riverdale” — Luke Perry, Skeet Ulrich and himself — all hang out and how he even gives advice to his younger co-stars.

Casey Cott, who plays Kevin on the show, echoed the sentiment in a recent People Now appearance, even saying Consuelos “is my brother.”

Consuelos says the tight-knit cast is “always up to something — be it a ski trip or camping or just dinners.”

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And when Consuelos isn’t gushing about wife Kelly Ripa, he’s sharing photos with his cast on social media. He shared a group photo of Skeet Ulrich, himself, Casey Cott, and Riverdale season-2 newcomer Hart Denton back in December.

He also shared photos back in July getting a workout in with co-stars KJ Apa and Charles Melton.

Consuelos also discusses the pressure of living up to the hype of his character after season one, since he only came into the show in season 2. “I felt like there was a little history of him from the first season. And it’s like Oh god, expectations, expectations, oh my god,” says Consuelos.

But although the star’s suits may have some fit problems, he definitely seems to be fitting right in with the rest of the Riverdale cast.

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