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I Can't Stop Staring at Pictures of Fleece Jackets on My Instagram - Here Are My Favorites

By Celebrity News Wire on February 14, 2020

You can gauge the type of mood I'm in by the Instagram posts I'm interacting with, and based on the number of fleece jackets and zip-ups I'm liking in my feed, it's safe to say the mood I'm in is a combination of cold and flat-out obsessed with these cozy vibes. If I'm scrolling and see a fashion girl wearing a fleece jacket with wide-leg jeans while running errands or unzipped over a dress, the picture gets an immediate like, and if I see someone taking a photo of their reflection in Pilates class wearing workout tights and a pastel fleece jacket, that's also getting my double tap of approval. I just can't stop myself.

The fleece jacket is practical and cozy, and with so much more texture than a traditional sweatshirt, it's a fun layering piece that's oozing with retro vibes. Shop this trend like I am with these six options, which range from zip-ups to crewnecks.

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