What Will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Name Their Baby? Expert Says They May be ‘Keeping’ the Family Tradition (VIDEO)

By Celebrity News Wire on January 3, 2013

Let the name game begin!

The moment Kanye West announced that his lady love Kim Kardashian was expecting their first child, fans around the world started to wonder what the happy couple will call their bundle of joy.

So Celebuzz spoke exclusively to Jennifer Moss, author of The One-In-A-Million Baby Name Book, to weigh in on what’s really in a name for the newest addition to the Kardashian clan — and answer the big question: Will “K” play a key part in the moniker?

“Kim and Kanye could very well pick a ‘K’ name,” said Moss, noting that Kim’s mother Kris Jenner famously named her daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall. “It’s a family tradition and baby-naming trend. Conveniently, Kanye is a part of the ‘K’ family as well.”

But regardless of the Kardashians’ immense popularity, the letter they helped make famous isn’t on top of the baby list.

“At the moment, the ‘K’ names aren’t so popular,” Moss said. “But those that are on the rise are Kayden for boys and Kayla and Keira for girls, like Keira Knightley.”

Although Kourtney, 33, decided to veer outside the family tradition — and the family tree — by naming her babies Mason and Penelope, her little sis and her baby-daddy could keep it all in the family.

“Kim and Kanye could include their parents when choosing their baby names, as many couples do to pay their respect,” Moss noted.

When choosing their baby’s name, Kimye should follow these ground rules from Moss, founder and CEO of babynames.com:

1. Make sure you see the name from the child’s point of view.
2. Don’t pick a name that will turn into a joke. If you’re not 100% sure that the name isn’t a laughfest, test it out by using it at a coffee shop — and gauging the barista’s reaction.
3. Don’t make the name something hard to pronounce.
4. If you’re looking for something unique, don’t use a name that’s popular. There could be 10 Owens in one kindergarten class.
5. Don’t forget about what the initials will spell — you don’t want to spell out something embarrassing.

Kim and Kanye, meanwhile, shouldn’t follow the advice of another famous duo: West’s BFF  Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce. The name of their nearly one-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, hasn’t fared well with fans — and was actually voted the No. 1 worst celebrity baby name.

“Many fans wrote that Ivy Blue would have been a better choice, because blue actually means depressed,” said Moss, who then gave some more advice in how to play the name game. “The general public does not respond well to noun names like Lion or Apple, or worse, an adjective and a noun.”

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