Watch: How Snooki Went from the ‘Jersey Shore’ to the Millionaire’s Club

By Celebrity News Wire on February 6, 2013

Today, Celebuzz is continuing to look at the most powerful players in the business with our Hollywood Power Index — and who knows fame, fortune and success better than our own blogger, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi?

We recently caught up with the former Jersey Shore star to find out how she turned a spot on a reality TV show into a mega-million dollar career — not to mention her own blog. (Seriously, you gotta check it out. It’s awesome.)

Have a look at the interview, below.

Celebuzz: Few reality stars are able to successfully brand themselves in a way that transcends the small screen. What is your secret?

Snooki: My fans. I have the best supporters in the world who love how I’m different. I have a certain style about me that helps me to brand myself differently from everybody else.


Celebuzz: When did you first recognize that your popularity from the series could be parlayed into something beyond TV?

Snooki: My first branding opportunity came when I was wearing these comfortable shoe slippers in season 2. Right after that season aired, I got a call to do my own line of sneaker slippers. That’s when I knew I could go far with my brand and try everything!

Celebuzz: Speaking of branding, define the Snooki brand. What are the trademarks or characteristics fans can expect in regard to products, promotions, appearances and other business decisions you make?

Snooki: My brand is different, unique and FUN. All my products have at least some animal print in it whether it’s in the product itself or the packaging. All of my products resemble my personality and how I always love to have fun.

Celebuzz: From tanning lotion to cosmetics, hair accessories and baby slippers, you’ve had a very busy year work-wise. Which of the business ventures over the past year has been your favorite to work on?

Snooki: I don’t like pin-point my favorite product I’ve worked on because I’ve honestly had a blast designing every single product I have. I’m very proud of everything that I’ve accomplished so far and feel very blessed to have these opportunities and my fans that support me. This is just the beginning of Snooki by Nicole Polizzi. My ideas are endless.

Celebuzz: Before collaborating with a brand or working with a company to develop a new line or products, what are some of the factors you look for when deciding to partner up?

Snooki: First, I have to make sure the people I’m working with understand who i am and my style. If they don’t get it, they’ll never get it.

Celebuzz: Without naming names, what is the most bizarre or worst business proposition that’s come your way?

Snooki: I’ve gotten a few pickle deals that didn’t sound so exciting. But my dad gets so many bizarre offers that he doesn’t even mention because he knows they aren’t right for the brand.

Celebuzz: Tell us a little about Snooki Couture By Nicole Polizzi. In what ways was this line strategically designed/developed in order to showcase your fashion sense?

Snooki: Snooki Couture is basically the grown up Snooki line. Since becoming a mom, I wanted to add couture to my brand to have the sense of classiness and also maturity, but still fun at the same time! So lots of animal prints, metallics, spikes, bows, golds and blacks, etcetera.

Celebuzz: You created a baby slipper line for Happy Feet/Snooki Slippers. Can mommy-fans expect more launches like this for their little ones?

Snooki: I definitely have a lot of ideas I’d love to come to life like diaper bags and also a fabulous maternity line. Throughout my pregnancy I did not wear or article of maternity clothes, and all pregnant ladies said I had amazing fashion during my pregnancy. I want women to feel just as good as I did pregnant and would love to design my own maternity line.

Celebuzz: What advice would you give to young women to encourage them on their path to success?

Snooki: Always stay true to what you believe you want your business/brand to be. Don’t ever change what you want just to succeed. You’re ideas are original and you will succeed one day.

Celebuzz: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are some of your major goals as they pertain to your career?

Snooki: My ultimate goal is to follow in Jessica Simpson’s footsteps. She has made herself to be a huge fashion brand. I also would love to have my own store and every product I can think of.

What do our experts have to say about the mini mogul’s future in entertainment? Click on the video above to find out.

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