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Tom Cruise, Donald Trump (Impersonators) Team Up for ‘Not Another Celebrity Movie’ (VIDEO)

By Celebrity News Wire on November 16, 2012

Just when it seemed like gossip magnets Tom Cruise and Donald Trump couldn’t attract any more attention with their unexpected and generally unconventional antics, the celebrities have teamed up to co-star in a new movie together — well, sort of.

In Not Another Celebrity Movie, Cruise (Cole Downing) and Trump (John Di Domenico) are two of the famous figures that Charlie Sheen (Dave Burleigh) recruits to help him meet up with none other than Justin Bieber, whom he believes is his illegitimate son.

The duo joins George Clooney (Joey Sagal), Brad Pitt (Reed Thompson), Angelina Jolie (Nicole Lari-Joni), Robert De Niro (Roger Kabler), Ashton Kutcher (Chandler Rylko) and Lady Gaga (Cheryl Lyone) among a cast of dozens of iconic public figures.

Produced and directed by Emilio Ferrari (I Know What You Did Last Winter), the film falls in line with genre spoofs like Epic Movie, Date Movie and The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It.

Watch a montage of footage of Cruise impersonator Cole Downing above, and a clip of Trump impersonator John Di Domenico below. Not Another Celebrity Movie is scheduled to premiere at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival.

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