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By Celebrity News Wire on February 1, 2013

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What do Rihanna, Alec Baldwin, and One Direction‘s Zayn Malik all have in common?

Besides being rich and famous, these stars and their significant others have been the subject of major headlines this week. With RiRi’s shocking (or not-so-shocking) Rolling Stone revelations, Alec’s reported second bundle of joy and Zayn’s dating drama, the spotlight shined bright on Hollywood’s relationships.

If you’ve been out of the love loop, don’t fret: Celebuzz‘s roundup of the noteworthy relationship stories this week features all the details you need to know, along with expert commentary from Damona Hoffman, author of Spin Your Web: How to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating.

From reconciliations, cheating rumors and rumored pregnancies — here’s the weekly report from the celebrity lovelines.

Rihanna & Chris Brown

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the “Diamonds” singer dished on her controversial reunion with her on-again, off-again beau, dismissing the public’s scrutiny and backlash.

“I wasn’t going to let anybody’s opinion get in the way of that,” she said nearly four years after their violent dispute at a 2009 pre-Grammy soiree. “Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake. After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I’d rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it.”

So why does RiRi keep giving Brown a second chance? According to Hoffman, — whose company just partnered with to teach its users her online dating secrets — first love can be often hard to forget.

Hoffman’s opinion:

1. Nothing better has come along.  Her career has skyrocketed since the news of that fateful night went public, keeping her on the road consistently since the fight went down.  When you’re constantly hopping from city to city, it is impossible to form a real bond with someone new.  So what happens when you’re single and lonely? You start to reminisce about the good ol’ times, and you forget about the bad days and the reason you split up in the first place.  Her recent dinner with Matt Kemp most likely helped her realize that the feelings for him just weren’t there, making her run back to the arms of the familiar with Chris.

2. Relationships can often be ruled by a struggle for power.  Not only did Chris physically dominate Rihanna that night in February 2009, making her appear weak and foolish for being with a man who would abuse her, but the backlash that they both faced forced her to end the romance without having the opportunity to get closure.  When a relationship ends under circumstances that are outside of our control, we are left with an unmet desire to replay the situation and find a way to gain the upper hand. Once she has the last laugh, she’ll tire of his shenanigans.

Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Thomas
 Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Thomas

After tying the knot last year, the former 30 Rock star, 54, and his wife — who is 26 years his junior — are reportedly expecting their first child together. Baldwin, 54, has remained mum on the rumors, letting the couple’s rep speak on their behalf.

“Our response to baby speculation over the past 18 months has remained the same,” the statement said. “When/if Alec and Hilaria have news they want to share, they will share it. Until then, no comment.”

If the good news rings true, Baldwin will experience fatherhood for a second time around. He and ex Kim Basinger are parents to daughter Ireland, 17.

Hoffman’s opinion:

Alec has been given a chance to redeem his parenting skills and aggressive bad boy behavior. What’s more shocking about the infamous 2007 call to his now 17-year-old daughter, Ireland, in which he called her a “rude, thoughtless, little pig” is that Ireland wasn’t all that offended. She admitted this fall that her father often speaks like that “because he’s frustrated.” Since marrying Hilaria, a yoga instructor, in June, Alec has managed to keep himself out of trouble. We might just have a new zen father on our hands…that is, until the paparazzi try to snap photos of the babe and he goes all warrior pose on them.

Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards

The 1D singer ignited teenybopper hysteria after he allegedly bedded an Australian waitress behind his girlfriend’s — Little Mix songstress Perrie Edwards — back. Malik and Edwards started dating officially last year, but are now facing a celebrity couple’s worst nightmare. The waitress, Courtney Webb, released photos of Malik after their heated tryst, claiming the boy bander had dismissed his relationship with Edwards. Days after the scandal broke, Malik was spotted nursing an injured hand.

Hoffman’s opinion:

Boy band members who hook up with other singers have an abysmal track record for long-term relationship success.  Justin and Britney survived ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ but once they started on the path of world domination, they just couldn’t get ‘N’SYNC.  Nick and Jessica had three great seasons of ‘Newlyweds,’ but after Jess put out and lost her V-card, their fiery passion was extinguished too. Joe Jonas couldn’t make it work with Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift.  If Zayn follows the pattern, by the end of the eight-month tour, he and Perrie will already be on to their next ex.

Do you think Zayn and Perrie should stay together? What about RiRi and Chris? Sound off in the comments about your favorite relationship stories from this week.

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