Terrell Owens -- Takes $56k Hit in Dallas Real Estate Deal

By Celebrity News Wire on November 12, 2011

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terrell owens crying
Terrell Owens just got his ass kicked in a real estate deal -- taking a $56k loss on a condo in Dallas ... TMZ has learned.

According to public documents, Owens paid $340,000 for the 2,600 square foot place back in 2006, right after he signed a $25 million contract with the Cowboys.

Owens no longer works in Dallas ... and probably won't ever work in Dallas again ... so he put the place up for sale.

Problem is, the real estate market still sucks ... and T.O. had to settle for $283,447 when he sold the place earlier this year ... a loss to the tune of $56,513.

It's just another hit for Owens, who's been trying to get his child support payments lowered since he has no NFL job and claims he makes absolutely no money.