So, ‘Scandal’ Shot In Our Building

By Celebrity News Wire on February 14, 2013

Scandal at Celebuzz Override

The excitement in the Celebuzz offices began the day before ABC’s Scandal actually shot in our office building in Hollywood.

The word first spread that the production was shooting downstairs last Monday. Those of us who dropped whatever we were doing to run down to ogle the production (Read: Hoping to find Kerry Washington and praying for Tony Goldwyn) soon realized they were just prepping the empty office space for the shoot – painting and staging an election campaign office. See the photos above.

The real action would go down the next day. Here’s what we learned when Scandal shot in our office building.

Note: Minor spoilers. A crew member told us that the show shoots about four episodes ahead, so the scenes depicted in the photos above will probably appear on an episode airing in mid-March.

Scientology’s armed guards. On Day 2, things were really moving. I arrived to find that the parking structure was filled to the brim. Scandal had commandeered the outside parking lot, forcing everyone into the structure. We would later find out that this was their second location of the day.

Earlier that morning, they shot at the Celebrity Scientology Center. Crew members said they were treated well there, but that it was a tad scary that the Scientology Center had its own security. Why would that be scary? They had guns.

Grace under pressure. Washington was here all day – mainly shooting inside the offices-turned-election headquarters. Later in the day, Washington shot exteriors on the street in front our building. Over about a dozen takes, the series star exited a cab and walked into the office building.

Between takes, Washington was very nice to the extras saying, “Thanks so much, great job background,” while she flashed a huge smile.

Make it rain. They broke at 5:30 PM for lunch and we learned they planned to return later for a night shoot that involved rain. On a clear L.A. evening? That’s the magic of Hollywood. They would create the rain themselves by bringing in water trucks, a crewmember told us.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10PM on ABC.

Why do you think Olivia Pope was visiting the election headquarters for Will Caldwell?

Lisa Luchesi contributed to this report.

Watch a flashback from Scandal below.

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