Ryan Gosling Flees ‘Mob’ of 200 Screaming Women in Texas, Says Eyewitness

By Celebrity News Wire on November 21, 2012

Ryan Gosling is used to working a crowd – but not like this.

The actor, who’s filming an as-yet-untitled Terrence Malick flick in Texas, caused a stunning scene at his hotel last weekend in Lubbock.

“About 200 girls were waiting for him,” eyewitness Brooke Bailey told Celebuzz. “It was a mob! And it was amazing to see. All the girls were out in full force.”

The Texas Tech student and her pals, like many in the Lubbock area, looked for the 32-year-old Hollywood hunk all over town.

“I heard from a friend he was in town, but nobody believed it,” she said. “We heard he was spotted at so many places, but we couldn’t find him.”



Eventually, they pinpointed his elusive whereabouts.

“We were stalking him out!” she said with a laugh. “We found out he was staying at the Overton Hotel, so a group of five friends and I were able to get into the hotel. We sat at the bar and ordered a drink.”

And before long, the women’s persistence paid off: Gosling emerged.


“All of a sudden, they were no longer letting anybody into the hotel without a room key, so we knew something was going on and we kept our eye out,” Bailey said.

“Then Ryan ran down the stairs and out a side door. We were screaming ‘Ryan!’ He looked like he was having fun with it and was smiling. He even hopped a fence to get into a car.

“He 100 percent knew everyone was there to see him. He had sunglasses on, and he was on his phone. And once he saw everyone, he started running. I mean, he was in a dead sprint! This stuff never happens in Lubbock.”




This isn’t the first time Gosling has attracted a crowd while filming his new flick. Last month, Celebuzz reported exclusively he caused a female fan frenzy at an Austin grocery store.

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